BLM Removing Wild Horses in Nevada

The BLM is removing around 1,000 wild horses due to lack of forage

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is removing nearly 1,000 wild horses from public land in northeastern Nevada, citing insufficient forage caused by drought conditions. The agency says the gathers were planned for later in 2008 but have been moved up because the land can’t support the existing number of horses.

According to the BLM, ranchers also are reducing livestock use in the areas.

Approximately 400 wild horses from the Antelope Valley Herd Management Area and about 550 horses from the Antelope HMA are being gathered and removed. According to the BLM, sustainable management levels are 23 to 38 horses for Antelope Valley and 194 to 324 horses for Antelope.

The culled horses are being taken to the National Wild Horse and Burro Center and other facilities near Reno, as well as the Delta Corrals in Delta, Utah, where they will be placed for adoption.


  1. I think that wild mustangs are so beautiful. I love how they keep the story going about the west. These horses are here to be wild I say just let them be that way they can live their life the way god made them to live. Wild horses are not for us to have and to ride they are here to be free and run the plains of the west I say just let them be.

  2. I think the Mustang and burro adoption program is great. The goverenment has to control the numbers or horses otherwise they would starve to death due to the lack of resources that the horses need. So finding them new homes is the best way. I know from experience that a mustang can be a great horse to ride and to have as a pet. They can do almost anything.

  3. My first thought when I hear that the horses are being removed from the range is that it is wrong, that they can’t take away the horses’ well deserved freedom! Mustangs were meant to be wild and untamed, to be free to gallop the untouched deserts forever! But I know that the people at the BLM, and places like it, are watching out for the long over-looked needs of the wondrous wild horses! To all of you very passionate horse lovers, who cringe with disgust at this article, think of what these organizations are saving these Mustangs from… STARVATION! I know that taking them away from their home seems irrational and that the horses could never adapt to a life with the careful watch of human eyes, that they would never be happy living in a barn or a small field somewhere in east Georgia; but it is amazing how quickly these hardy little horses can cope and manage to enjoy small town life; just as people could. The free roaming horses would be left to a greater demise if we were to let their number keep growing, allowing them to over populate and fight to gain the small amount of roughage left, but eventually left to starve. On the issue of horse slaughter; I agree that THAT is completely repulsive and WRONG (when taken to the extreme!) Horses deserve to live and thrive as much as humans do; they deserve to be able to have a home and someone to love them! We should not look over the horses that are for sale at livestock auctions (which most people rule out as a bad idea). Horses that are not sold at auctions are deemed ‘unadoptable’ and are sent to slaughterhouses! Not just Mustangs, but any horse that seems unwanted or ‘ugly’, broken or scared are immediately over-looked, they do not deserve to be left to die, for nothing that they did! We need to give these deserving horses a chance; we need to LOVE these horses more than anything! But, (this should be on the part of the horse organizations) when a horse has been through the auctions seen all he could see, had every opportunity for someone to take him home and love him and treat him with the care that he DESERVES and WANTS deep down, he needs to be taken to one of the many equine sanctuaries, where he CAN run free with other horses, on so many fenced acres, where he can be SAFE! No horse deserves to be inhumanly slaughtered! And we have a right as the keepers of this earth God has created for us, to preserve to LIVES; if it we cannot (for their safety) preserve their freedom! Thank you for your time, if anyone wants to speak more about this issue or anything at all, blog me at my horses’ webpage on this site, (‘Honey’ a buckskin Paint, and/or ‘Dot’ a sorrel Quarter Horse) or email me at, I want to help the horses of this world in the best ways that I can! I would love to hear from anyone who agrees! –Thank you-


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