NickerTV to Offer Internet Horse Programs


Starting today, NickerTV will charge out of the gate with an initial offering of 26 different equestrian channels dedicated to a variety of horse-oriented themes and subjects.  Nicker Network will be the first Internet-based, on-demand multi-channel television network targeted to the horse community. Each channel will have its own selection of programs, with new ones added to the rosters on a regular basis. Programs will be available for viewing at no cost, with additional options for viewers to download programs to buy or rent and DVDs to purchase,.
Channels dedicated to news, shows and events, veterinary medicine, entertainment-oriented documentaries, magazine programs, children and youth, and training channels specific to disciplines and/or individual trainers or clinicians will be part of the launch.  The channel lineup will grow substantially during 2008 as the network expands into its own original series production and establishes home shopping and real estate channels in addition to other horse-oriented channel offerings.

Sally Lasater, founder and Managing Director of Nicker Communications, explains, “While driving enthusiasts will find ‘Blinkers&TugsTV’ right up their alley, ‘PiaffeTV’ will be there for the dressage folks and ‘VetBarnTV’ will cover all sorts of health and maintenance subjects. ‘Stick&BallTV’ is obviously for polo people, but ‘PegasusTV’ will have documentaries and magazine shows for everyone.  I think that people will be amazed at what’s been created and we all can’t wait for the feedback. Obviously we’ll have to adapt and modify as the network and its technology expands, but Nicker’s right there on the cutting edge and intends to be there quite a while. Truly, it’s what you want to watch, when you want to watch, how you want to watch.”


  1. The more live horse webs the better, because the cables and satelite networks aren’t going to do it!I’d much rather watch horse shows than hunting or fishing or poker and all the other junk they show on sports and outdoor channels!!

  2. We don’t get the direct tv horse channel, so I usually have to settle for youtube! This will be an entertaining, educational time to satisfy my horsey needs away from the barn.

  3. I think this is great. I will have to check it out and hope it is on Comcast since that is what I have. More horse program is always welcome.


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