Plan for 2008 Olympic Excursion Now


Next August 2008, athletes and spectators around the world will come together in Hong Kong for the XXVIIII Olympiad’s Summer Olympic Equestrian Games August 9-22, 2008. Finding tickets and accommodations in Hong Kong and the surrounding area can be daunting, but Cross Country International (CCI) has taken the guess work out of the process and is offering a wide variety of options for equestrians and travelers alike. First, select a hotel from CCI’s list. Hundreds of accommodations are available from luxury suites to more “affordable” lodging. Next, choose your discipline. Spectators will enjoy cheering their favorite Dressage, Jumping or Eventing competitors up close and may have a chance to meet them at Hong Kong’s Jockey Club. Third, make your reservations. You can go to for further details.


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