On-Demand Horse Television Coming Soon


With so much media available online, it’s no wonder that there will soon be an on-demand horse channel in cyberspace. Houston-based Nicker Communications has announced a late summer launch for Nicker, the first Internet on-demand television network targeted to an international equestrian audience. Reportedly, Nicker will offer a wide selection of niche channels dedicated to a variety of equestrian themes and subjects, which will be made available through a combination of sponsored programs and a variety of subscription and pay-per-view offerings.
Initial channels will be dedicated to news, shows and events, veterinary medicine, entertainment-oriented documentaries and programming for children and youth, and an assortment of training channels specific to riding discipline and/or individual trainers or clinicians. One unique channel will be dedicated to the horse industry’s numerous organizations for use as a broadcast outlet for meetings and member communications and functions. A home shopping channel, a horse sales channel and a channel dedicated to farm and ranch sales will become available soon after launch. 


  1. I think this is great, RFD doesn’t always have the things you want to see, and being able to select what you want when you want it will be nice.

  2. I have been trying to figure out a way to promote this wonderful sport for years, so kudos to Nicker Communications for bringing this much-needed service to those of us who are more interested in horses than balls being thrown around by grown men for obscene amounts of money. Thank you and you can count on me being a loyal subscriber.

  3. This will fill a great need by making a variety of information available when the viewers are available.
    However, very little disposable income is currently available for subscriptions in these tough economic times. I hope most of it is free.


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