Actor Auctions Piano to Support Unwanted Horses

Paul Sorvino will auction his grand piano to help fight equine slaughter

Paul Sorvino, the actor who played the mob patriarch Paul Cicero in the 1990 hit film “Goodfellas,” is also a pianist, and he’s auctioning off his extremely valuable 1939 Steinway Grand piano on eBay to help prevent horse slaughter.

Proceeds from the piano’s sale on eBay will benefit two rescue facilities located in Pennsylvania: the Gray Dapple Thoroughbred Assistance Program operated by daughter Amanda Sorvino, and Angel Acres Horse Haven ( operated by Jo Deibel. The two facilities take in unwanted horses that might otherwise go to slaughter.

“We are very grateful for the support of Paul Sorvino, who is giving up the piano he loves so much to raise funds to help stop the auction of horses to kill buyers,” Deibel says. “I am encouraged to continue on in my rescue efforts because of the wonderful support from Mr. Sorvino and others.’

Sorvino, an animal lover all his life, has owned the $100,000-insured piano for the past two decades. The piano was completely restored 10 years ago with a new sound board, strings, pin block and Renner action. The Steinway, which has a French polish walnut finish, has just had a complete action renovation, including new hammers, by master piano technician, Chris Solliday. The piano comes with a wood bench and an upholstered Steinway adjustable bench.

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  1. I am totally thrilled to see this. I don’t know how many actors out there do this, but I am proud of those who do take action on this matter. Thank you Mr. Sorvino for your kind action in letting your piano go, for the well being of unwanted horses. I wish I had the means to do the same..I would take every last one that would fit. Michigan has plenty of horses that are lawn orniments and then become to ugly in the owners eyes and let them starve to death or push them off to a terrifying ending. Thanks again.


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