Pony Up Some Ornaments


Learn to make custom horse ornaments

Feeling creative? Get out your hot glue gun! You can easily make some cute pony ornaments for your Christmas tree or give them as decorative holiday gifts to your barn buddies. First you’ll need some small soft and fuzzy ponies. You can find them in craft supply catalogs, online through wholesale distributors or in major craft retailers.

Then, select your decorations, which can also be purchased at craft supply stores. Ideas include angel wings, tiny strings of “lights,” miniature carrots or apples, tiny garlands of greenery and little felt cowboy hats. Be sure to get some very narrow red or green ribbon for halters. Use your hot glue gun to affix the decorations to your ponies. Ornament hangers can be attached to the top of the ribbon halter or to any sort of “girth” that you put around your pony’s middle. Each of your pony creations will be unique, and it’ll be difficult to decide which ones you want to keep and which ones you want to send to another stable.

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  1. Ah, perfect gift idea! My friends will love these! I bet you could get patches of felt or other matierial and customise markings to look like yours or a friends horse.


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