Why Can???t Santa Come on Horseback?


Yes, we know. You haven’t even carved your turkey yet and you’re reading about Santa Claus. But hold your horses. This Santa-on-horseback idea is one worth considering. It’s a concept in delivering packages and heartfelt holiday messages offered by Pony Xpression, based in Marilla, N.Y. According to Wayne Wolf, creator of the business (and, we’re guessing, Santa’s number one helper on horseback), the horses he rides for his deliveries are the three horses he uses for mounted police work. And to prevent any worries about the horses leaving a gift on someone’s festively adorned front lawn, Wolf’s horses wear diapers. Even better? Some of the proceeds from the fee for the Pony Xpression delivery go to a local food bank. To read more about this unique idea, visit www.ponyxpression.com. It might even give you and your barn buddies something fun and worthwhile to do this holiday season!


  1. Hello and thank you for the article. I am the owner and creator of Pony Xpression and I was quite surprised to see this during a recent Google search.
    If anyone has any questions about what we do and how we do it, please feel free to email me at; ponyxpressions2005@hotmail.com or at 716-597-5131.


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