Purse Charm


Have you noticed the number of charms dangling from purses these days? It’s not a trend that seems to be waning, so here’s a way to make your own purse charm that tells the world you’re a horse lover.
First, gather up a few items from your local craft store. You’ll need a package of narrow leather or woven beading cord, an assortment of colored glass beads and some interesting charms. Your charms should reflect your personality, so choose from stars, crosses, shamrocks, flowers, hearts, etc. Finally, find a large horse bead, horse shoe bead or charm as a focal point. String all of your treasures on the cord, knotting it at both ends to secure your beads and charms. The finished project should be about 4 to 6 inches long. Now tie it to your purse, preferably on the ring that connects the handle to the body of the purse. Your dangling purse charm will not only be fashionable, it will also mark you as a horse lover with personal style!



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