Rainy Day Tasks


    Rainy weather usually means that you can’t ride unless you’re lucky enough to have access to a covered arena. But you can still occupy yourself with horsey matters because there are plenty of rainy day chores around a stable. Here are a couple:

    First, clean your tack. Seriously, neither the trails nor the show ring are calling you right now, so take the time to clean your tack well. Crack open the bottle of that product specifically designed to deep clean leather, grab a sponge and get scrubbing.
    Next, reorganize your tackroom or tack locker. Even your tack trunk could probably use a thorough inspection. Do you really need to keep that single bell boot that doesn’t fit around your horse’s pastern? Is it necessary to treasure the pair of old broken reins, the malfunctioning fly spray bottle and the empty plastic bag filled with crumbs of stale horse cookies?
    Put your rainy day time to good use around the barn. That way, when the sun is shining, you’re free to do nothing but ride!


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