Rancho Chahuchu Peruvian Horses Profile


The Destination Equus tour includes visiting Rancho ChahuchuNow through June 30, Horse Illustrated magazine and HorseChannel.com are giving away two pairs of tickets to the Destination Equus California Farm & Wine Tasting Tour, Sept. 7-9, 2007 in California’s beautiful Santa Ynez Valley. The tour offers a chance to go behind the scenes at world-class equestrian facilities. Tour stops include a visit to Rancho Chahuchu Peruvian Horses.

It’s easy to say that Rancho Chahuchu Peruvian Horses is tucked into its own little corner of paradise. But that isn’t entirely correct. With 550 stunning acres, it is a rather large corner… but paradise, nonetheless.

Larry and Joy Redman established Rancho Chahuchu in 1995 after unexpectedly falling in love with the Peruvian horse at a small horse show in California. Together they pursued their new dream of breeding, owning and showing Peruvians in an inspiring environment that celebrates the history and heritage of this special breed. The farm allows ample room, riding arenas, pastures, barns and stalls for each of their 52 Peruvian horses to flourish year round.

Under the management of manager/trainer Dante Mazzi, a Peru native and consummate trainer in Peru, France and the United States, Rancho Chahuchu has captured dozens of national championships and stands five active breeding stallions, making it one of the most prestigious Peruvian farms in America.

There are few facilities in this country that rival the beauty and serenity of this equine oasis. Guests of Destination Equus California Farm & Wine Tasting tour will be wined and dined for a full dinner and presentation of some of the most beautiful and accomplished Peruvian horses anywhere. 


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