Red Hat Society Gallops into Horse World


The Red Hat Society's motto is Have Fun Over 50Have you heard of the Red Hat Society? What began as an impromptu social club for a handful of 50-something women has grown to numerous informal chapters throughout the United States. With the objective to “have fun over 50” the loosely organized clubs encourage women to wear red hats as symbols of their buoyant spirits. 
Now the state of Indiana is boasting a chapter of red hat-wearing equestrians. Calling themselves the Galloping Grannies, the group of women further distinguish themselves by wearing red hats and purple chaps. And they do that while riding in parades and drill team performances. They practice regularly, socialize as a group and participate in fundraisers for charity. In fact, in June they’ll be demonstrating their expertise at the Kentucky Horse Park.
If you’re over 50 and a horse lover, you might want to organize your own red hat society for horse lovers. Why not? There’s no age limit on being horse crazy. For some inspiration, visit


  1. I might point out that you can becoming a Galloping Granny if you are under 50; you just need to wear pink and lavendar instead of red and purple.
    What a great group of gals!

  2. What a wonderful organization! I am not yet 50, but at the rate I am going I may be close to that before I own my first horse. I would love the opportunity to participate in an organization like this when the time comes.

  3. Since I am a member of the Red Hats & Purple Chaps, I love the article. I am glad to see our group of great horse women getting more recognition.

  4. I go to the indianapolis horse fair every year,And I always see these group of ladies, their the most friendlest wemon on this earth.Seems like they have a lot of fun and now it’s my turn This year i will be a member.ALREADY GOT MY APP. CHERYL


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