Pick and Flush to get Rid of Thrush


As winter approaches, it’s time to keep an eye on thrush. The smelly, oozing ailment in the frogs of your horse’s hooves needs to be kept at bay, or you’re going to have one lame horse! Plus, once thrush gets started in the frog, it can easily invade any cracks or nail holes in the hoof wall, starting up a chronic condition often referred to as “seedy toe.” That can make it difficult for your horse’s hoof to hold a shoe.

Even if it’s muddy, make sure you continue to pick out your horse’s hooves. Keep up to date on farrier appointments so that overgrown frog tissue can be pared away. That will also keep thrush from thriving in the folds of tissue. If you observe—or smell—the telltale signs of thrush, consistently apply one of the over-the-counter solutions available at your local feed store. However, just as effective in most cases is a much cheaper remedy: hydrogen peroxide. Its bubbling action brings oxygen to the affected area, killing the thrush.


  1. For thrush I use three different things on many horses, because one of these don’t work on a few horses. But others will!
    One thing we do; first we clean the hoof out, taking manure or dirt from the frong and sole. Then we get bleach, putting it only on the sides of the frogs and no were else. (Also wear clothes and shoes you dont care get’s stained. Bleach will leave a mark on any clothing or shoes you wear!) Next you hold it up for about 15 seconds and may let it go. Do all feet! If you can repeat this everyday.
    Another thing we use ThrushBuster, It is a kind of medicine to kill thrush and bacteria from the hooves. Also wear clothes that can get dirt, because it will leave a big purple stain. Repeat this also on a normal basis. Watch out! The liquid comes out pretty fast, causing to much stuff or a waste of money.
    Also you can use HorseShoe’s Secret, which is the color green. It works, also must were clothes that dont matter, also shoes to! But it leak from the bottle alot and is a pain. Wash hands with soap and warm water to get off your hands. By the way it smells funny!
    Hope the tip helps you. If it makes you happy, please thank me!
    My e-mail is!

  2. A lot of people use strait bleach or bleach and water. It is very bad for a horses feet. You dry them out, kill bad bacteria but you also kill the good. It’s not a very good habit. Do you pour bleach on your bacterial cuts? I don’t think you would so why should you do it to your horses feet.
    A local farrier suggested to use lysol because it kills germs, won’t hurt you or stain anything and doesn’t dry out their feet. Peroxide works good for a lot of ailments though, including and not limited to thrush.


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