Consider a Secret Santa for your Stable


Rather than wondering what to get each of your barn buddies this holiday season, why not organize a Secret Santa gift game? That way, everyone will receive a gift while also enjoying the fun of giving one.

To get started, just print up some fliers and post it on the barn’s bulletin board. You might also have to sell the Secret Santa idea to any bah-humbugs in the barn.

Then, participants sign up for the game. Allow each person to fill out a very short wish list (within a specific price range) and a few personal likes and dislikes. An example might be, “I like any color but orange.”

An interesting spin on the game is to have the owners exchange Secret Santas for their horses. That way the horses are getting the gifts, not the people. Items like horse treats, brushes, lead ropes and personalized feed buckets are nifty, thrifty gift ideas.
Once everyone has signed up and filled out their list, all of the names are put into a hat. One by one, the participants discreetly pull out a name. They will then play Santa to whomever’s name they draw. The fun is in keeping the identity of each Santa under wraps until a barn party—which needn’t be anything formal. Just host a get-together outside the tackroom one afternoon. You can offer treats such as hot cocoa, warm apple cider, cookies and candy canes. Consider it a fun, stress-free way to wish all of your barn buddies a happy holiday!

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  1. Sounds like fun. Especially if the gifts are for the horses. Just keep a price range in mind because everyone’s finances are quite different.


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