Secretariat, Barbaro Paired for Portrait


There are times in life when greatness inspires action, creating an idea that can change the world for the better. The website dedicated to one of the world’s all-time greatest race horses,, in conjunction with Moonlight Press, is offering a fine art print that pairs the immortal red stallion with the gallant Barbaro. The print is entitled, “Memories of Greatness.” Created to assist the efforts for finding a cure for laminitis, “Memories of Greatness” is a wonderful way to support the battle against the equine hoof disease that claimed the lives of Secretariat, Barbaro, and countless other horses that might be less well known but no less loved.
Aside from the print, more affordably priced posters are available. Both were produced from the original portraits painted by artist Jaime Corum, a wonderful talent and rising new star in equine art, with a portion of the proceeds earmarked for the Laminitis Fund at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine’s New Bolton Center.


  1. I have this print and it is beautiful. I got it at Chuchill Downs when Roy and Gretchen Jackson were here and it is signed by them both. It hangs in my living room with my other Babaro print, Legacy of Hope.


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