Jewelry for Laminitis


If you’re a jewelry maven, a fan of Thoroughbred racing legend Secretariat, or someone who’s had a horse afflicted with laminitis, is offering something of interest. It’s a new line of jewelry created in sterling silver from a cast made of one of the original horse shoe nails that Secretariat wore when he won the 1973 Belmont Stakes. That was the awe-inspiring, 31-length win that gave Big Red the Triple Crown. The original nail, which is valued at more than $6,000, was obtained when Secretariat was re-shod two weeks after the Belmont. It was carefully catalogued and preserved until its retrieval for casting.
By purchasing an item from the Belmont Nail Jewelry Series, you’ll also be contributing to the University of Pennsylvania School Of Veterinary Medicine’s continued research on laminitis. Both Secretariat and Barbaro succumbed to complications of laminitis.


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