Shed that Winter Coat


It’s time to get to work helping your horse shed his winter coat to reveal his shiny summer coat beneath. So what can you do to encourage the summer shine?
You might try a coat supplement. There are plenty of commercially available products, although slowly introducing some vegetable oil drizzled over pellets and grain works well, too. Just begin with about ¼ cup a day and by the end of a week increase to a ½ cup per day.
Because a healthy, shiny coat actually comes mostly from within, make sure your horse is fit on the inside. Beyond good nutrition, your horse should be also be dewormed regularly.             
Finally, give your horse a shampoo on the first day that promises warm weather. By scrubbing deep down to his skin, you’ll loosen debris and dead hair, which will also help him to shed that woolly appearance.


  1. Anyone looking for a great but in-expensive coat supplement might try Nu-Image made by Richdel. We put our horse on it in September and when her coat started coming out we were surprised to find another horse. Her coat is gorgeous. We also add vegtable oil.


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