Showing in Style


The Wellington Collection's new huntcoats go beyond plain colorsEvery few years hunt coat designers try something new, just to see if the status quo can be shaken up a bit. The velvet collar has never made a comeback—some would say thankfully so—but contrasting linings continue to be all the rage for those hunter riders who dare to be a tad different. Keeping with that trend, a line of stylish huntcoats offered as part of The Wellington Collection features linings that go beyond just an avant garde color. There are linings that have a hint of sparkle or an artistic print to them, reminiscent of a Monet painting. The huntcoats, which start at $99, join the company’s line of stock ties and breeches. 
Do you ride western? Then investigate the Wellington Collection’s “Sheza Diva” brand of western show shirts. For the same price, adventuresome cowgirls can be all decked out in an embellished shirt. Although the products are available only through retailers or vendors at select shows, you can get an idea of what’s coming your way by visiting


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