Sizing Show Shirts


True, you want the tailored look in English show clothing. But how can you tell the difference between tailored and simply too tight? When it comes to shirts, there are a couple of easy rules to follow.
First, select a shirt that has sleeves long enough to hit your wrist bone when your arm is hanging at your sides. If you are long limbed you’ll probably have to try on several brands before you find the correct fit. Next, make sure the shoulder seams allow you enough movement. Too restrictive and the seams will rip the first time you go for that long crest release over a big jump. Finally, the shirt should button without gaping across your chest.

Of course, finding an English show shirt that is both accommodating and form fitting is difficult. But if the sleeves, shoulders and chest fit properly, yet the waist is too billowy, then take the next step. Find a tailor or fire up your sewing machine. It’s quite easy to alter a show shirt. Most already have darts and seams up the back and sides. With a little tinkering, you’ll be a ribbon winner in the fashion division!



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