Speak Spanish for Horse


A working knowledge of the Spanish language is helpful in the world of horses. There’s often a need to discuss horse care with Hispanics who are professional grooms and barn staff. Also, with the increasing popularity of Spanish-bred horses, more Americans are traveling to Spain where it’s beneficial to know more than a handful of Spanish words and phrases. Fortunately, the Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse Association (PRE) is sponsoring two Spanish language classes for equestrians. The courses will be held at the foundation’s home office in Albuquerque, N.M., and will be offered at two levels. For those who are completely new to the Spanish language, the class runs from June 28-July 1. For those who have some Spanish-language ability, the class runs from July 27-29. Both are adult oriented and taught by language professor Christopher Frechette Lopez.  
Attendees will learn more than fifty equine terms within a Spanish language context. The enrollment fee includes some meals and transportation, and there are numerous possible discounts available. Plus, students can explore the sights of New Mexico in their free time. To learn more about the courses, including costs, visit the foundation’s website at www.prehorse.org.



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