Supreme Court Says No to Horse Slaughter


On June 16, the Supreme Court declined an appeal that could have allowed DeKalb, Ill., horse slaughtering plant Cavel International Inc. to reopen for business. Cavel’s owners were challenging an Illinois law that prohibits the killing of horses for human consumption.

This is not the first time Cavel has lost an appeal. The facility was ordered to close last year after a federal appellate court upheld the Illinois ban. This time around the company was urging the Supreme Court justices to step in to allow the facility to reopen. The high court did not comment on its order Monday.


  1. I’m glad the Supreme Court denied the appeal to allow Caval International to reopen for business, because I think it’s wrong to slaughter horses.

  2. It would be better to allow the slaughter of horses than to let them starve to death under neglection or sent to Mexico where they’re tortured.

  3. The longer the plants here in America are closed, the more horses that will be shipped longer distances to be slaughtered under less humane conditions or that will just be put in a lot and left to starve to a slow and painful end. They need to reopen the slaughter plants here in America and regulate them just like they do cow and hog slaughter plants. We can choose not to eat the horse meat but it is a delicacy in some countries and is supposedly really good for you as it is a lean meat.

  4. i dont like the thought of killing horses for human consuption but i think it would be better for the horse market cus there is way to many unwanted horses. i take n horses n try 2 hep where can. but i wouldnt be opposed 2 the reopening of the slaughter houses.


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