Texas Slaughterhouses Still Shut Down


Two of the last three equine slaughter plants will close downTwo of the nation’s three horse slaughter plants will most likely remain closed after being turned away from the state Legislature and the U.S. Supreme Court.

The Houston Chronicle reported that the Texas House let a deadline of midnight Monday pass without action on a bill that had been expected to authorize the reopening of Dallas Crown Inc. in Kaufman, Texas, and Beltex Corp. in Fort Worth.

In a second blow later Tuesday, the U.S. Supreme Court denied hearing the plants’ petition to overturn a federal appeals court ruling that effectively shut down the plants this year.

The other U.S. horse slaughter plant is the Cavel International plant in DeKalb, Ill. A ban on horse slaughter in that state was sent to Gov. Rod Blagojevich last week, and his spokesman has said Blagojevich will likely sign it.


  1. After these plants are shut down we need to impose laws to keep horses from being shipped to other countries for slaughter. There are a lot of other countries who use horse meat for human cosumption and since there is a profit to be made these horse killers will try to find a way to continue to make money. What is sad is that there so many horselovers out there that would gladly give one of these horses a loving and caring home. We have several off the track Thouroughbreds at our barn and with some time and patience they have been rehabed into awesome jumpers, dressage, pleasure and even schooling horses for our lesson program.

  2. i’m so glad that the horseslaughter plants are shut down and if i had enough land i would gladly adopt any slaughter bound horses and give them a loving home.

  3. people whosay that the shutdown of the slaughterhouses is a bad thing are not real horsemen.our horses work theyre whole lives under the control of man serving us.the least we could do is let them die with the dignity they desurve.i own agrade horse colt and i will not allow him to die in that horrible manner. he deserves better than that.

  4. I’m happy that the slaughter houses are stayin shut down they should not be aloud anywhere even in other countries they are sooo horrible. Our horse work for us and try their best at everything and I will not let them die like some horses do.

  5. i hate slaughter houses and i think they should all shut down. they inhumanely kill these poor animals and its not fair to them! stop the sadness, end horse slaughter


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