Theodore O’Connor Tragedy

Theodore O'Connor was euthanized due to an injury
Karen and Teddy during their victory gallop at the 2007 Pan American Games.

The United States Equestrian Federation is devastated to report that Theodore O’Connor was humanely euthanized May 28 as a result of an injury sustained in an accident at Karen and David O’Connor’s barn in The Plains, VA. From a statement released by the O’Connors, “‘Teddy’ got frightened and bolted. He slipped running back to the barn and suffered a severe laceration to his hind leg, severing the tendons and ligaments. Dr. A Kent Allen was on the scene immediately and it was determined after examination that the injuries were catastrophic. Everyone who knew Teddy is devastated.”

The 13-year-old eventing super pony defied odds and gravity throughout his career. Standing only 14.1 hands, the  Shetland/ Arabian/ Thoroughbred cross gelding was the reigning Team and Individual Gold Medalist from the 2007 Pan American Games and had top six finishes at the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event in 2007 and 2008. He was the 2007 USEF/Farnam Horse of the Year and recently had been named to the USEF Short List for Eventing for the 2008 Olympic Games.  Ridden by three-time Olympic veteran Karen O’Connor, ‘Teddy’ made friends and picked up fans everywhere he went. Seeing was believing with Teddy as it seemed impossible to imagine that a pony of his size could do his job with such tremendous ease. Thoughts and prayers are with Karen and David, Teddy’s groom Max Corcoran, all of his owners in the Theodore O’Connor Syndicate and everyone associated with this remarkable pony.

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  1. it is so sad that he is gone.I have aways look up to teddy.I hope my arabian can be as good as he was one day.RIP teddy Oconnor.We will all miss u very much.

  2. I loved watching him jump!!!! Seemed so unreal (but amazing)that he could do what he did SO WELL! We’ll all miss him very much.

  3. Wow I would have ever thought this would happen. He was truly a great little horse.He gave his heart out. I mean jumping 6 foot jumps when he is standing at 14.1!! He acomplished what no other horse could.

  4. Teddy we will miss you. I have a 14.1 pony whos only 6 yrs old and I always dream one day my daughter and him will jump like Teddy and Karen.

  5. That’s so sad! I remember reading about him in my freind’s YR magazine and thinking, wow, if a horse like that can do what he does, why can’t mine? Teddy was so inspirational and now me and my Arabian mare are jumping 1-2 feet pretty consistantly- a good thing if you know where we started from 😉 Teddy was one of kind and I’m really bummed that he’s with us no longer… :'(

  6. Well Teddy was a great pony and he will be missed GREATLY. Ive followed him since I first heard him even when he didnt win I was proud. I will miss him and my heart goes out to his family.

  7. Teddy was larger than life, he set no limitations for himself. He always gave 100%. What a Horse, he ran with the Big Boys and gave no consideration to his size. He’s walking ths streets of gold in horse heaven, he’s leading the pack as always. What a inspiration and a whole lot of heart.


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