Save With Pre-Owned Show Clothes


It’s no secret that as you advance through the ranks of competing in the western show pen, your tack and clothing becomes pricier. That off-the-rack slinky top just won’t cut it at the World Show. However, there is an alternative to budget busting designer outfits: used show apparel. Providing that the clothes are gently worn, fit properly and remain in style, purchasing show clothes from a consignment shop can be a wise choice.
One online site to visit is, which specializes in high-end western show clothes for horsemanship, pleasure and showmanship classes. However, these are not cheap duds, even though most of the offerings are previously owned. Yet if you’re considering splurging on a once-in-a-show-career special outfit, this may be a place to start. Swarovski crystals, handpainted floral motifs and zip-up cuffs abound. If nothing else, it’s a chance to drool over pretty show clothes.
Be aware, however, that the very touches that make these designer clothes unique often preclude them from alterations. It’s nearly impossible to take in a showmanship jacket, for example, when it features a starburst pattern of rhinestones throughout the bodice. So, if you do choose to explore this cost-effective alternative, make sure you pick the right size.


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