USEF Offers Faster Passport


In order to better serve members, the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) has begun a new expedited Fèdèration Equestre Internationale (FEI) and National Passport service which is intended to assist those who have an urgent need to obtain a new passport, revalidate an existing one, change ownership, change a horse’s name and receive an FEI Recognition Card (a National Passport from any country that is upgraded to an FEI Passport.)

Horses and ponies need official passports to compete in FEI competitions.  Even horses owned by U.S. citizens and competing within this country need an FEI Passport if they are competing in a three, four or five star competition.  FEI Passports are also required for all horses, including those from the United States, competing in the North American Young Rider Championships.  USEF National Passports are required to compete in FEI one star and two star competitions inside the United States beginning Dec. 1, 2007.

An FEI Passport or USEF National Passport is a detailed document with an official number and provides the name and vital statistics about the horse including markings, ownership details, and all veterinary information required by FEI , United States Department of Agriculture and other nations as well.  Once a horse receives a passport, it stays with that horse for the rest of his life and must be revalidated by the USEF every four years. The USEF must also review and approve a passport if there is a change of ownership, a name change for the horse or, for FEI passports, a change in the nationality.

The new expedited service will provide a three-day turnaround for a non-refundable fee of $300, plus any other standard passport fees, provided all required documentation has been submitted at the time the passport application is received.  For example, to obtain a new passport, you first submit an application to the USEF. Once your application is received and verified by the USEF, the passport will be sent to you within three business days. When you receive it, you fill in all of the required information on the passport: the horse’s name and description; ownership details; veterinary information (including vet’s signature); date and stamp. You then send it back to the USEF for final approval.  Assuming all required information has been completed, the passport will be validated and sent back to the applicant within three business days. 

Requesting a New Passport:
• The horse must have a USEF Life Recording
• All owners must be active members of the USEF (a contributing member is not an active member)
• The owner must be a U.S citizen
• The ownership information must be identical on both the USEF Life Recording and the passport

Requirements for All Other Passport Services:
• Must meet the requirements above
• The passport must not have expired.  If the passport has expired, it must be revalidated at the time of the requested service.
• Vaccinations must be up-to-date pursuant to current FEI regulations

“Over the past year, we have already improved the turn around time for passports to less than a week. Just like passports for people, we know there is sometimes a need to get one quickly.  Maybe there is an unforeseen opportunity to compete at a higher level, perhaps ownership changes right before a competition, or someone may have simply forgotten that they need a revalidation.  The expedited service gives them the option to have the fastest possible turnaround for the passport,” says John Long, USEF chief executive officer.

For information and passport application forms, visit; go to “Forms and Pubs” and then to “Horse Services.” 


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