USRider Urges Caution on Limited-Access Roads


USRider urges travelers to always carry backup items for emergenciesUSRider, a nationwide roadside assistance plan created especially for equestrians, is reminding travelers to use extra caution when driving on toll roads, thruways and turnpikes as access is limited and can delay roadside assistance of any kind. Additionally, many restricted access roadways have an operating authority that uses designated service providers.
Motorists who find themselves in need of roadside assistance on these roadways are often required to use the designated service providers who usually must be summoned by law enforcement authorities.
Mark Cole, managing member for USRider, says the limited access makes his job more difficult. “Our members can call us to summon help on these roadways, but our options and our abilities to service them are extremely limited.”
Long waits on the side of the road are especially bad when traveling with horses. The animals may become dehydrated, sick or panicked, which can lead to a host of other problems.
Another downside to being required to use the road authority’s designated service provider is that many require payment at the time of service and some require cash.
Cole advises those who travel on restricted-access roadways to be sure to carry extra cash, stock up on water and food for their animals and know what kind of roadside assistance is available.


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