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Looking for a horsey-themed Valentine’s Day present for a young child? The Associated Humane Societies (AHS) has the perfect gift.
The AHS, which is a full-service humane society operating four animal care centers in New Jersey and Popcorn Park Zoo (a refuge for handicapped, abused, exploited, ill, injured and elderly wildlife, birds, exotic, and farm animals in the state), has dedicated a section of its website,, to kids. The Kids section offers the opportunity to learn all about animals and the work the AHS does, and now there’s a new feature on the website in celebration of Valentine’s Day. Families around the world are invited to share their love of animals by “adopting” a horse online.

There are six ponies, all living at Popcorn Park Zoo, that depend on their human friends to support them. The “adoption,” which costs $4 a month, includes several educational tools for young supporters. Kids learn about the services and programs offered by AHS; they enjoy coloring pages and activities; and most importantly, they learn about ways they can help the animals that they love. Each child will also receive a color photo of the “adopted” equine and a letter from the animal every four months via e-mail, plus a subscription delivered via e-mail to the AHS’ bi-monthly animal welfare magazine, the HUMANE NEWS.

The AHS is offering the abililty to adopt a horse online for kids

“Children who visit Popcorn Park Zoo marvel at all of the animals, but somehow there always seems to be a special bond between horses and little ones,” says Roseann Trezza, executive director AHS/Popcorn Park. “February is the season of love. What better way for a child to share his or her love of animals than by becoming involved in [the animals’] lives, and in their care. When it comes to animal advocacy, kids make a huge difference.” 

The horses that need a Valentine are:

  • Trudy and her daughter, Seven, who were rescued from near starvation at a Monmouth County horse farm.
  • Star, Troy and Early Surprise – three miniature horses who were taken in by Popcorn Park Zoo when their elderly owners could no longer care for them on their farm.
  • Holly, a donkey who was surrendered by her teenaged owner who was moving away to college.

Sponsors can visit their adopted horses anytime, as they also receive a Popcorn Park Wildlife Membership card, which entitles them to free admission to Popcorn Park for the duration of that year.

Every animal that lives at Popcorn Park Zoo needs public support year-round. Funding for the zoo is strictly through donations, much of which comes from the Wildlife Club. All contributions are completely tax deductible under Federal law 501 (c) 3.

The AHS/Popcorn Park has three Animal Care Centers in New Jersey: Newark, Tinton Falls and Forked River; each is open seven days a week. Also available for “adoption” are tigers, bears, cougars, wallabies and much more!

If you would like to take an animal into your heart and home, there are dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, ferrets, et cetera.

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  1. All I have to say bravo. Any sort of rescue gives animals a second chance. Where, some animals, come from is just horrific. Some of them are starved and abused. Then some go to rescue and they usually come back.
    Oh and those horses are very cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I think it is a wonderful idea. There are many children who want a pet but it might not be feasable for them to have one. This gives them a chance to have a pet knowing they are taken care of because of them.


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