Start Now to Slick Down Winter Fuzz


Have you noticed? Your horse is probably already beginning to sprout the telltale signs of a winter coat. Unless you plan on body shaving your horse and then blanketing him, you’ll have to deal with the annual onslaught of winter fuzz. But to keep your horse’s coat as glossy as possible despite the extra fur, you can start now with some preventive tactics. Aside from keeping your horse nutritionally healthy and free of parasites (thanks to a regular deworming schedule), you can institute a heavy-duty grooming routine. Curry, curry, curry! That’ll help bring the natural oils in your horse’s coat to the surface. You can also add a little oil to your horse’s diet, which will add a glisten to his winter coat. Begin by drizzling just ¼ cup of vegetable oil onto his daily ration of pellets or grain. Add a little more every few days until you’re up to ½ cup. Your horse will learn to like the taste and you’ll appreciate the gloss of his coat come November.


  1. Nice article. It’s so hard to keep those winter coats looking good in the winter. Lots and lots of grooming. May try adding the oil see how it works. Thanks for the tip.


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