Young Riders Make it Big


The CSIO-W Buenos Aires will have only four U.S. riders competing

19-year-old Hilary Dobbs is one of four young U.S. riders competing in Argentina.

Exciting show jumping competition is underway at the CSIO-W Buenos Aires in Argentina, and four U.S. riders are hoping to make names for themselves under the watchful eye of Chef d’Equipe George Morris.

The competition, which runs through Nov. 11, is top level. However, the U.S. competitors are all very young, and for three of them it is their first experience representing the United States at the international level.

Among the U.S. riders is the 19-year-old daughter of CNN’s Lou Dobbs (host of Lou Dobbs Tonight). Hilary Dobbs, of Sussex, N.J., is competing aboard Quincy B, an 11-year-old Holsteiner gelding (she’s also bringing along a second horse, Corlette).

The other three U.S. riders are:
Brianne Goutal, 19, of New York, N.Y.
Charlie Jayne, 21, of Elgin, Ill.
Libby McKinney, 25, of Green Farms, Conn.

Ever wonder what it’s like to compete at the international level? Here are some fast fun facts about the CSIO-W Buenos Aires to get you started:

* All competition horses must have passports
* Entry fee per horse: $150 (U.S.)
* According to the rules, 25 percent of the competition riders MUST receive prize money
* Horses and competitors must be “fit, competent and in good health before they are allowed to compete”
* Riders can compete a maximum of three horses
* Competitors can carry a sponsor logo on their saddle pad
* Grooms are allowed to stay with their horses during the night
* The showgrounds for the event provides the following daily feeding for competition horses:
6 kgs. of oats/6 kgs. of alfalfa
* Competitors must provide a veterinary certificate proving their horses were vaccinated against equine influenza
* The approved laboratory for drug testing is located in Santiago, Chile


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