Horse Illustrated’s Online Bit Guide: Chain Mouthpiece Bit


Chain mouthpieceBits crafted with mouthpieces made from several varieties of chain look undeniably crude. It’s easy to imagine them causing pain to a horse, especially when used by a rider with rough hands. Yet some professional horse trainers claim that, when used appropriately under certain circumstances, they work well and serve a useful purpose. As evidence they point to how a horse will tug and chew on a stud chain with no ill effects.

  • Well-constructed chain mouthpieces have smooth, rounded edges on each link.
  • In theory, chain mouthpieces are a short-term option for very mouthy young colts that need both a bit and a pacifier.
  • The links in the chain make the mouthpiece extremely pliable, allowing the horse to manipulate the mouthpiece with its tongue and lips.
  • Though harsh and severe in some aspects, the chain design may actually provide less control than expected with high-spirited or head-strong horses.

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