HorseChannel’s Online Bit Guide: Chifney or Ring Bit


Chifney ring bitChifney : The chifney bit is not designed for riding purposes. Instead, it’s combined with a halter to help a handler control a high-spirited young horse.

  • Because of its circular shape, it’s sometimes referred to as a “ring bit.”
  • Small clips on each side of the bit snap to the rings located on either side of a halter’s noseband. The uppermost bar or branch of the bit slides into the colt’s mouth. Then a lead rope is snapped to the bottom ring of the bit, which hangs just below the colt’s chin.
  • Chifney bits are commonly found at Thoroughbred farms and high-priced auctions where prospective young race horses are presented for sale.

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  1. I think it should be noted here that with the chifney bit (rearing bit) that you should not snap your lead rope onto ONLY the ring on the bottom of this bit, it should be snapped onto the ring on the bottom of the bit IN CONJUNCTION with being snapped onto the bottom (under the chin) ring on the halter. Therefore lead snapped onto bit and halter. I have used this type of bit a lot, and I have seen people have a runaway horse snap its bottom jaw right in half because the horse ran off and stepped on the lead rope while the snap was only on the bit. Having the lead rope attached to the halter as well as the bit will stop this from happening yet not interfere with the bits effectiveness… first


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