HorseChannel’s Online Bit Guide: Hinged Port Curb


Hinged port curb bitThe hinged port curb is popular among riders and trainers of western pleasure horses. The additional joint in the center of the bit, usually hidden under a sleeve or roller, provides a great deal of flexibility in the mouthpiece. Rather than a fixed, rigid feel, the hinged port allows the rider to pick up one rein and work just that side of the horse’s mouth. This helps in achieving lateral suppleness or a bend through a corner. Subtle rein cues with a hinged port can also help a horse to collect, balance and lift its shoulder at the jog or lope.

  • Western pleasure horses can be schooled or tuned up in a hinged port because a rein can be held in each hand and the rider can isolate one rein aid at a time.
  • When both reins are held in one hand, such as for neck reining, the hinged port essentially functions like a solid mouthpiece.
  • Horses typically respond to light commands with a hinged port. They are not to be used by riders with rough hands or an insecure seat.

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  1. ok,so, when i get my own horse which bit would be the best bit to use? i`m an inexperienced rider and i`m still young. could somebody please give me an answer?


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