Horse Channel’s Online Bit Guide: Non-Pinch Bits


No pinch bit
If you’ve ever seen a horse with raw sores in the corners of its mouth then you understand the purpose of bits that have “non-pinch” mouths or cheek pieces. The concept is to prevent this soft, pliable tissue from possibly getting pinched at the juncture where the mouthpiece of the bit joins the bit ring.

  • The majority of English and western bits, regardless of mouthpiece style, are available in non-pinch designs.
  • Non-pinch construction typically has a rounded or elliptical shape.
  • Repeated sores caused by bits that pinch can eventually lead to scar tissue formation in the corners of the horse’s mouth. Scar tissue can make the horse’s mouth duller, often requiring a stronger bit to produce the same response. To prevent this problem it’s best to consistently select non-pinch bits whenever possible.

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