Online Tack and Horse Equipment Guide: Rhythm Beads


If you’ve ever seen a horse wearing what appears to
be a jingling necklace, you’ve probably seen rhythm beads. These are a string
of colorful beads often adorned with bells or charms. The sound they make with
every step the horse takes helps to emphasize the rhythm of the gait, thus the

  • These are popular with gaited breeds to emphasize
    the rhythm of the horse’s unique gait, but are also used by trotting breeds to
    emphasize the cadence of the trot. Users of the beads say the sound helps
    riders hear whether or not the gait is remaining consistent.
  • Rhythm bead aficionados also say the quiet,
    consistent sound can help keep nervous horses or riders focused and less prone
    to distraction.
  • Trail riders can use rhythm beads with bells to
    alert other trail users and wildlife to their approach.

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