HorseChannel’s Online Bit Guide: Twisted Wire Snaffle


Twisted wire snaffle bitTwisted Wire Snaffle: The twisted wire snaffle is a severe bit because it allows little chance for a horse to develop a soft, consistent connection with the bit. Horses hesitate to maintain steady contact with the abrasive feel of the twisted wire.

  • It’s best reserved for occasional use on a strong horse that leans heavily on a rider’s hands or proves otherwise unresponsive.
  • The rider must be careful to release pressure on this type of bit the moment the horse responds. That will encourage the horse to lighten up in the rider’s hands, and then the horse can be transitioned back to a less severe bit.
  • Be aware of some unintended consequences of a twisted wire snaffle. Many horses develop sores on the corners of their mouths due to rubbing and pinching from the wire. Others may develop an even duller mouth as they become immune to the bit’s effect.

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