Equestrian Safety Gear FAQ

Staying safe in the saddle means being an attentive rider, maintaining awareness of your surroundings and your horse’s demeanor, and making good use of the safety gear that’s available to riders. Finding the right helmet and protective vest and properly caring for them can come with its own set of challenges. We asked some experts on equestrian safety to help clear up some of the confusion around purchasing, caring for and replacing your riding safety gear.

Buying Equestrian Safety Equipment
Ready to purchase a new equestrian helmet or protective vest? Make sure that you get the right gear for your riding needs. Here are some expert answers to your common equestrian safety gear questions.

Riding Helmet and Body Protector Maintenance
Taking proper care of your equestrian safety gear is key to keeping it functional for as long as possible. Here, our safety experts offer advice on storing, caring for and maintaining your riding helmet and protective vest.

Replacing and Restoring Equestrian Safety Equipment
Has your riding helmet or equestrian body protector lived out its useful life? How can you know for sure if your safety gear is still functional? Our experts answer some questions about replacing your well-worn equestrian safety equipment.


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