Trail Riding Resources


    Trail Riding Resources

    Love to trail ride? Check out these resources from The Horse Illustrated Guide to Trail Riding by Micaela Myers (BowTie Press). Find trails, competitions, camping locations, lodging, planned rides and trail riding groups.

    American Endurance Ride Conference from the source: “The American Endurance Ride Conference (AERC) was founded in 1972 as a national governing body for long-distance riding.”

    American Trail Horse Association
    http://www.trailhorse.comStraight from the source: ” href_cetemp=”>http://www.trailhorse.comStraight from the source: “ATHA is dedicated to the registration, education, identification, certification, and acknowledgment of the American Trail Horse, regardless of color, breed, size, or bloodlines.”

    American Trails
    Straight from the source: “Our members are working to enhance and protect America’s growing network of interconnected trails. We support local, regional, and long-distance greenways and trails, whether in backcountry, rural, or urban areas.”

    American Quarter Horse Association
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    Straight from the source: “Since 1997, more than 46,000 riders have traveled through scenic canyons, ridden across snowcapped mountains, and strolled horseback along sunny beaches through AQHA’s Ride Program.”

    Back Country Horsemen of America
    http://www.backcountryhorse.comStraight from the source: ” href_cetemp=”>http://www.backcountryhorse.comStraight from the source: “Back Country Horsemen of America is a nonprofit corporation made up of state organizations, affiliates, and at-large members. We are dedicated to preserving the historical use of recreational stock in the backcountry commensurate with our heritage.”

    Bed & Breakfast Inns ONLINE
    http://www.bbonline.comStraight from the source: ” href_cetemp=”>http://www.bbonline.comStraight from the source: “Locate a bed and breakfast inn with accommodations for horses.”

    California State Horsemen’s Association
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    Straight from the source: “Incorporated in 1942, the California State Horsemen’s Association comprises twenty geographical regions within three areas (Northern, Central, and Southern). CSHA represents the pleasure-horse industry and pleasure-horse owners.”

    Equestrian Land Conservation Resource
    http://www.elcr.orgStraight from the source: ” href_cetemp=”>http://www.elcr.orgStraight from the source: “Loss of open land has been identified as the greatest threat to the future of all equestrian sport, recreation, and industry. By educating horse people and encouraging partnerships with conservationists and other user groups at the local level, the Equestrian Land Conservation Resource is mobilizing thousands of equestrians to work for land access and protection in their communities.”

    Equestrian Trails, Inc.
    http://www.etinational.comStraight from the source: ” href_cetemp=”>http://www.etinational.comStraight from the source: “Equestrian Trails, Inc. was established as a nonprofit corporation in 1944 with the Charter to be ‘Dedicated to the Acquisition and Preservation of Trails, Good Horsemanship, and Equine Legislation.’ We are a family-oriented riding club based in Sylmar, Calif.”

    Horse & Mule Trail Guide USA
    http://www.horseandmuletrails.comStraight from the source: ” href_cetemp=”>http://www.horseandmuletrails.comStraight from the source: “This Web site is a collection of trails and places to camp and ride submitted by trail riders.”

    Horse Motels International the source: ” href_cetemp=”> the source: “We offer a complete listing by country, province, and state of horse motels anywhere in the world. If you’re traveling and need lodging for your horse(s), check our Web site for a facility along your way.”

    Horse Trails and Campgrounds
    Straight from the source: “We hope you will find some great trail riding and horse camping places that have been described by others, and we invite you to share your experiences by rating trails and adding trails and campgrounds to this trail riders’ database.” the source: ” href_cetemp=”>
    From the source: “Welcome to, featuring a state-by-state directory of stables, horse motels, equine-friendly camping, and bed and breakfasts that will stable your horse after a long day on the road.”

    Interactive Outdoors, Inc.
    From the source: “Truly an interactive site, allows you to search for recreation information by activity type or specific geographic area. We encourage you to share your experiences with fellow users by posting trip reports and comments. We also invite rangers and other outdoor professionals to update local conditions.”

    Long Riders’ Guild
    From the source: “Part museum, book store, tack room, and Guild Hall, this Web site contains the world’s largest collection of equestrian travel information.”

    National Association of Competitive Mounted Orienteering
    Straight from the source: “CMO is like a mounted treasure hunt, which tests your horsemanship, your map-reading ability, and your compass skills-all while having great fun with your horse!”

    National Park Service;;;;
    Straight from the source: “Today, many of our parks, forests, and wilderness areas can still be explored on the back of a horse for a unique natural adventure. Many federal recreation areas offer trail riding as well as off-trail riding.”

    National Recreation Reservation Service
    From the source: “The NRRS is a one-stop reservation service for the USDA Forest Service, Army Corps of Engineers, National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, and Bureau of Reclamation outdoor recreation facilities and activities. With over 45,000 reservable facilities at over 1,700 locations, the NRRS is the largest outdoor recreation reservation service in the country.”

    North American Trail Ride Conference
    http://www.natrc.orgStraight from the source: ” href_cetemp=”>
    Straight from the source: “NATRC is one of a number of competitive trail ride organizations in the United States. A competitive trail ride is not a race, but competitors cover a marked course in a given period of time.”

    The Ride and Tie Association
    Straight from the source: “Although the sport of ride and tie has been in existence since 1971, it is a relatively unknown sport that combines trail running, endurance riding and most of all, strategy. The object is to get all three team members (two humans and one horse) across a 20- to 100-mile cross-country course by alternating riding and running.”

    Straight from the source: ” href_cetemp=”>
    Straight from the source: “The Horseback Riding TrailSource is your online adventure guide to the best horse trails and trail rides around the globe!”



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