Download a Horse Show Checklist and Stall Card

Be sure you've packed all the essentials with this handy horse show checklist.


When it comes to horse shows, preparation is half the battle. It’s important to make sure you don’t leave any of your—or your horse’s—essentials at home. No need to stress over forgetting important items, though. We have a free horse show checklist that will help you ensure you get all the key items for your next horse show.

Download our checklist now so you know you’ve packed everything you need for a successful show.

horse show checklist
Download this helpful checklist to be sure you don’t forget anything when you’re headed to a horse show.

Once you get to the show, you’ll want to be sure your horse is safe in his stall. In addition to giving him fresh water in a large bucket and ensuring he’s fed his usual ration, you can add an extra layer of safety with this handy stall card.

Print one stall card for each horse at the showgrounds so that all their important information is readily available while they’re away from home. That way, if something happens to your horse when you’re not close by, someone can contact you, your trainer, or even your veterinarian if needed.

horse show checklist
 Use this stall card to identify your horse in case of emergency.

Once you’ve downloaded and printed both of these helpful items, you’ll be ready to start packing for your next horse show. Good luck!

Download the Horse Show Checklist >>
Download the Horse Show Stall Card >>


  1. I host horse shows in Reno, Nevada. I could add a few things for the rider once they are in the saddle and arena. Especially the round pen and warm up arena. Like don’t hog the round pen and ride with the flow in the warm up arena. Also pick up your horse droppings and put them back into the trailor so the parks department won’t have to clean up after 15 to 35 horse trailers. Also when picking up patterns and studying them, don’t leave them on the ground when you drop them. In Fact its a good idea to take them home and have a new pattern to practice at home. Also don’t block the enter gate, or stand around the enter gate and let your horse pee next to the gate steward. the gate steward is not your personal handler and helper. Also to please please tell the gate steward when you are not going to enter into a class you have signed up for then they won’t hold the gate for you. Tell the gate steward if you have to change tack and ask for a tack change hold on the class at least 3 to 5 classes ahead. When at a show, and your classes are close together, don’t go back to your trailor between classes and hold the classes up. Don’t wear sun glasses in to a class. Keep your pockets clear of papers, brushes, rags, combs and keep your hair off of your number on your back. If you put a number on your saddle pad, put one on each side of the pad. Carry extra saftey pins and felt markers for that reason. If you want more let me know.

  2. I tried to download the Horse Show Checklist and Stall Card,but when I click on each one of them, the screen would come up blank,there was nothing there! Have any suggestions on how I can get a copy of them! Please email me back, if you can help? Thanks Barbara

  3. This is AWSOME i didn’t want to spend the money buying one so i was going to make one but this is great i saved money and time thanks

  4. I am so relieved that someone has these forms (for free) that really make life a lot easyer, especially when you are showing and alrealy have a lot on your mind. The stall card is really nice to put on your horses stall when you are at a show and the checklist is a big help when you are getting ready for the show. Plus it’s free!! Can’t get any better then that!


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