Video: Horse Show Hair


Ever wondered how some riders enter the arena without a single hair out of place? Learn how to get the polished, professional appearance that horse show judges appreciate. Sarah Coleman, Executive Director of the Equine Scholars Program at Georgetown College in Kentucky, and Georgetown student Marina Byrd demonstrate how to do your hair correctly for hunter and western shows.





Thank you to the Equine Scholars Program at Georgetown College for their participation in this video.

The Equine Scholars Program at Georgetown College prepares students for successful, professional careers in or related to the horse industry while inspiring them to become more caring, passionate stewards of equines worldwide.

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  1. i am 9 so would i do that for english? cause i was told that you either put it into 2 braids or do it into a ponytail and then put the hair net over the head and then like make the pony tail into a bun and then put it into a loose piece of the hairnet. be sides i have hair all the way down to my waist.


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