Video: Braiding Your Horse’s Mane


Braiding your horse’s mane is easier than you might think. Practice these steps for a neat and polished look in the show ring.


For step-by-step mane braiding instructions, click here
For step-by-step tail braiding instructions, click here

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  1. this is a great video!! i want to braid the horse i ride’s mane. but sadly, i cant make it look this nice in time and i dont have the time for it after i have saddled up.

  2. O.O i tryed this on my horse treasure and OMG!!! was she ever beautful!!! O.O i can not thank you enuf for this!! i wil get pics up as soon am i can!!

  3. I would NEVER use a hunter braid for the forelock like she did! I braid professionally and I always use the french braid going down but I completely tuck the remaining braid under the length of the french braid so that it is a neat and flat running braid. If desired, you can put a band at the base of the “tuck under” to give it a little “bun” but not a risen bun.

  4. this is a great how-to braiding video!Now I finnally know how to braid my horses mane right! Can you [HC] make a tail braiding video? If you could, that would be great! Once again, I loved this video!

  5. Please do yourself a favor and watch Ruthann Smiths Lucky Braids video. Also her tools are the best! The camera is not in a good position to see the process. Looking forward to the Olympics. I love reading all the information on the Olympics Site. Thank you Carol

  6. i love to braid mane. i had an experience once. i helped a little for my friends horses. i loved it! this video is great but are there classes for this? i’m very serious about it. is anybody knows?


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