Schooling Show Attire

Schooling Show

While the dress code for schooling shows
is more casual, your goal is to look as neat, tidy and workmanlike as
possible. Here is a suggestion of what might be appropriate at a
schooling show. The entry form or show rules might also include
information on acceptable attire. Check with show management if you’re
not sure.

Hunt Seat:

  • Breeches (or jodhpurs for younger kids)
  • Solid-color polo shirt (tucked in)
  • Belt
  • Helmet: Schooling helmets are usually acceptable; a black helmet cover can make a schooling helmet show-ready.
  • Boots: Tall boots are preferred, but black paddock boots and matching half-chaps are OK too.


  • Jeans: Make sure your jeans are long enough to cover your ankles and the tops
    of your boots. You will probably need to purchase a longer inseam length
    for riding. Starch and crease them down the middle for a neat, tidy
  • Long-sleeved, tailored button-down cotton blouse or westernwear shirt
  • Western belt and buckle
  • Helmet or Hat: A straw hat is fine for informal shows.
  • Boots
  • Chaps (if you have them)

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