Stay Clean at Shows


When it comes to grooming for a show, most of an equestrian’s energy ends up focused on the horse; but a rider’s turnout needs to be neat and tidy, too. Here are some strategies to help you stay as spotless as your mount:

*  Most English show shirts come with two chokers—pack the spare and an extra stock tie too. When your tie or collar gets dirty and crumpled as show day wears on, you can replace it with a fresh one.

*  Cover up to stay clean. Wear overalls or baggy sweats over your show gear until you’re ready to ride. Some style mavens even wear a wrap skirt.

*  To keep those boots spotless, wear rubbers over your boots; take them off just before your class.

*   Western riders should fold chaps up to the calf to avoid dragging them in the dirt. A hard-case hat box is a must to keep your hat well creased and dust free.


  1. for showmanship and halter classes tuck you pants into your boots to protect them from dragging the ground but don’t forget to take them out!

  2. it was good but didn’t help that much i was more hoping for tips on how to stay clean throughout the day because i arrive at the show spotless and clean with my over cloths on but by the end of the day in my last couple of classes i’m always filthy! it drives me crazy and i aways take an asstent (my parents) with me to help with the dirty chores. thanks sam


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