Backing for Respect with Clinton Anderson


When a horse lunges forward with his teeth bared or turns his hindquarters and kicks out, it usually evokes one of two responses in people: fear or offense. The reaction is either to run the other way and allow the horse to get away with the dangerous behavior, or to get aggressive. In both instances, emotion rules the situation, and when it comes to training horses, there’s no place for emotion. As prey animals, horses don’t respond to physical punishment like predators do. That’s why when a horse gets defensive and kicks out, whipping him only makes him react more violently, and slapping him when he bites just turns into a game of “how fast can I bite you before you try to slap me?”

A Matter of Respect
When confronted with an aggressive horse, remember that behavioral problems like kicking or biting are nothing but symptoms. An aggressive horse lacks respect–the true root of his behavior. Earn his respect and trust by gaining control of his feet on the ground and behing consistent about rewarding him, and his dangerous behavior will disappear.

In the video below, Clinton explains how to back your horse for respect.


Read more in the March 2014 issue of Horse Illustrated.


  1. I love this article! I love Mr. Anderson and his methods. I am bout ready to start my stallion colt under saddle because of his method. I have trained my colt with his methods or the Downunder horsemanship method and he is quiet, calm, responsive, he is like a kid broke pony! Im even workin on trick trainin my colt (im workin on sidepassing, and lay down etc..).Mr. Anderson’s methods are so easy to understand I’m only 14 now but when I started on his method bout an year ago I had just turned 13 and I understood everything he said went and applied it to my stallion colt and it was simple, effective, and safe. And this exercise is probably the first lesson I taught my colt. Love the article and I absolutely love that Y’all have articles and videos on Mr. Anderson!! I will never ever depart from his methods!!! Great job Y’all!! Thumbs up!! Love the magazine itself!

  2. Love it! I’m a BIG fan of Mr. Anderson and his methods. I have started a stallion colt with the Downunder Horsemanship Method and he is as gentle as a kitten! I also love yall’s magazine and I love that y’all have Mr. Anderson in em too! Even though I don’t have a subscription to yall’s magazine I still try to buy the magazine every month and I love em every month! They are jam packed with information! I just bout the February issue and I loved the articles on the Clysedales and the movie star friesians! So a BIG thumbs up to this article and this article!!!! Sincerely yours D.U.H chic!


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