Video: Emergency Stop Using Pulley Rein


In the April 2013 issue of Horse Illustrated, Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) instructor Teddy Franke explains how to keep your horse from taking off on the trail on the way back to the barn.

“If you find yourself in a runaway situation on the trail, remember to stay calm and keep your eyes up,” writes Franke. “With one hand, grab your horse’s mane. Use your free hand to pull his head in a circle. If a circle is not possible on the trail you are on, do a pulley-rein stop, planting one hand on your horse’s neck and pulling the other hand straight back and up.”

Watch how the emergency pulley-rein technique is executed in the video below from the CHA.

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  1. I would like to see Julie sitting up straighter and not hunching forward, and getting her feet forward more when in an emergency situation. This will strengthen up her ability to apply pressure to the rein.

  2. I love the horse! This is useful because my quarter horse gets a bit frisky and wants to run fast home. I did usually make him turn in circles. Now I will give this a try.

  3. I liked this video. I read about the Pulley Rein, and was interested in a visual demonstration. Any strategy to help me safely stop a horse is a good strategy! Thank you.

  4. I was taught to turn the horse when I was a kid. It worked just fine til I saw a mare in season who decided to hightail it back to the barn where the stud was.
    40 some years later and I can still see the young girl who went flying literally head over heels. It wasn’t pretty then and the nightmares since still haven’t faded…

  5. Great advice! Riding on narrow, forested trails has presented a challenge with emergency stopping. The pulley-rein technique of stopping appears to be a safe manageable method. The video was a big help. Seeing it performed provided me a very clear understanding of the technique. Thank you so much!

  6. I used the one rein stop before and my horse almost fell over. It was pretty scary. However, with this method it may work even if my horse is a draught with a huge, strong neck.


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