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Pat and Linda Parelli
Parelli Natural Horsemanship: Approach and Retreat
Learn this method to keep your horse feeling confident. Read more >>

Parelli Natural Horsemanship: The Seven Games
What are the seven games? Pat Parelli explains. Read more >>

Parelli Natural Horsemanship: Video Demo of the Friendly Game
Pat Parelli demonstrates his technique for working with a new horse.Read more >>

10-Minute Tips
Improve your relationship with your horse in as little as 10 minutes a day. Read more >> 

Working with Your Horse’s Horsenality™
Identify your horse’s Horsenality™ profile using the chart, then follow strategies for working effectively with each Horsenality type for a more successful partnership. Read more >>

What do horses think we humans are?
Read Pat’s response to the question, “What do horses think we humans are?” Read more >>

My horse is scared to death of dogs. Help!
Pat and Linda Parelli advise how to train a horse to be less fearful of dogs. Read more >>

What can I do to teach my horse not to kick humans?
Pat and Linda Parelli advise how to build a relationship with your horse and put an end to kicking. Read more >>

My gelding tries to put everything in his mouth. How can I stop this bad habit?
Pat and Linda Parelli discuss how to handle mouthy habits. Read More >>

Learn about Natural Horsemanship experts, Pat and Linda Parelli >>


  1. Dear Pat…I own a mare named Tiffany. She is 17 years of age. She and I have been together for 9 years. I love her very much and she almost always makes my day. I do have a few problems with her, though. She always makes a stink of saddleling her. She is good under saddle (most times) but does not like me putting her saddle on. She throws her head up almost every time, even when I cinch. Once her saddle is on though she is fine. My though is that she just doesn’t want to work (if you want to call it work) I really don’t work her hard at all. By the way, I ride western. We either ride in the arena or in the park. She is quite spooky, but I use the friendly games and am able to flex her neck to control her, but she is especially nervous coming back to the barn. In the past, I use to go in the park on a regular basis, and she did do better, but it’s like starting all over again, when there is any lapse of time. When we are on trail, and she gets nervous, I try and keep her mind occupied, but sometimes she acts as though she has a bit in her mouth, although I ride with the natural hackamore, and chomps down and brings her head down and acts very right brain. I have read the horsenality profile and believe she is probably in the Right Brain Extrovert category. Also, sometimes when I am sending her off and calling her back, she sometimes doesn’t respond right away, and then when she does, she comes in and before I know it, she runs off again, so I have to bring her in until she stays with me. She’s good though with the 7 games. I think she just might need some fine tuning. What do you think? I know you probably don’t have much time for responding to this letter, but if you could find some time, it would be most appreciated. I really enjoyed the article on horse It’s very informative. I’m looking forward to your visit to W. Springfield, Mass in April. Regina

  2. My filly is extremly mouthy, and these tips really help! She loves to be playful, and playing games with her is fun for her and for me!

  3. These are wonderful articles and I am for certain going to apply them to my young Mustang Mare and Quarter Pony. These ought to be real helpful as my training with both progresses. Thank you very much for the ten minute tips. Much appreciated Mr. & Mrs. Parelli!

  4. I’ve been involved with horses at Pony Club level to hunters,dressage and eventing and have had alot of fun but never the depth and daily fun & results I’ve had since discovering the Parelli methods.

  5. I think that Part is such a wonderful person. He has inspired me so much. I think that his son will have a excillent future with his father teaching him all that he knows! I wish I could do what Pat does with horses but I’m not sure what would happen. I try something with my horse but I’m not quit sure that I understand the horse so I am going to buy everything avaible to have a relationship with my horse and learn how to do what Pat does.

  6. I truly believe in Parelli! I know first hand it works! But you have to be commited and make the effort to do it. Savvy On

  7. Did anyone notice that everyone who has tried Parelli LOVES it, and everyone that can’t afford it HATES it? I can’t afford it, but I want to be a Parelli professional one day!

  8. i personally can afford it but dont really much like it i mean some of its helpful somes not like my horse backs up wen his rope is wiggled, he unloads now b cuz of that but also if u try and do somethin he’ll back up. and he follows me and moves from pressure so if i go to his rear to brush his tail i have to tie him so he dont move and wen i get on he moves sideways due to pressure but other wise it is a pretty good technique. i prefer the technique my family uses but all of our friends and family says their technique work with and against us


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