Video: Tennessee Walking Horse Rocking Chair Canter

A gaited horse trainer explains the Tennessee Walking Horse's canter.


Watch as trainer Anita Howe explains the Tennessee Walking Horse’s rocking chair canter.

The rocking chair canter of the Tennessee Walking Horse is a collected and elevated, three-beat gait where the diagonal pairs must land together for correctness. Unbalanced and over-ridden canters produce a lateral, four-beat gait that is incorrect.

Of note is how their natural looseness combines with the use of their head and neck to add loft and elevation to their collected canter. This combines to produce a notable headnodding action that is completely natural and fluid.

The collected canter takes tremendous strength for upward lift that is best developed over weeks and months to avoid over-strain or injury.

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  1. Thank you for showing. Most people do not realize the importance of the head nod and all the factors you touched on, I have a tennessee walker, and it definetly takes work to get them gaitng properly.But when they get it right there is no better ride.


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