Video: Tennessee Walking Horse Flat Foot Walk


Watch as trainer Anita Howe explains the Tennessee Walking Horse’s flat foot walk.



The flat-foot walk is an “I’ve got somewhere to be” kind of walk-with-purpose. The flat foot walk, also known as a the flat walk, averages from 3 to 5 mph in the correctly gaited horse, with prominent head nod. The gait is executed with a 2 foot, 3 foot, 2 foot, 3 foot support, and should never exhibit a single foot support phase because of the rolling, non-suspended weight transfer. Each hoof of the horse should LIFT and PLACE with even timing.

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  1. LOSE the twist and shout music in the background on this video – it’s OBNOXIOUS – didn’t finish watching the video as I couldn’t hear the narrator clearly over the lousy background “music”.


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