Video Quiz: What’s Wrong with This Picture


Click the thumbnail images below to view each video. See if you can identify what the rider or handler is doing wrong, then read the explanation of how to fix the fault.

What's Wrong with This Picture
Rider’s Hands
What's Wrong with This Picture
Tying a Horse
What's Wrong with This Picture
Leading a Horse
What's Wrong with This Picture

Rider Position

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Dale Rudin is a CHA certified riding instructor, trainer, clinician, and contributor to Young Rider, Horse Illustrated, and She is the creator of Unnatural Horsemanship—a mindful approach to the horse-human relationship, and a founding member of Force-Free Tennessee, an animal advocacy organization that fosters humane low-stress training and handling of all animals.Rudin sees horsemanship as an opportunity for a mutually beneficial collaboration between our two species. To achieve positive results on the ground and under saddle, Rudin makes the horse’s welfare her first priority. She emphasizes the important of comfort, calmness, confidence, balance, and clear compassionate communication. She works with all breeds of horses in every discipline using positive reinforcement, clicker training, and the principles of classical dressage. Dale offers training, lessons, workshops, and clinics on her farm in Santa Fe, Tenn.


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