Video Quiz: What’s Wrong with This Picture


Click the thumbnail images below to view each video. See if you can identify what the rider or handler is doing wrong, then read the explanation of how to fix the fault.

What's Wrong with This Picture
Rider’s Hands
What's Wrong with This Picture
Tying a Horse
What's Wrong with This Picture
Leading a Horse
What's Wrong with This Picture

Rider Position

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Dale Rudin is a Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA)-certified riding instructor, welfare-centered trainer, rehabilitation specialist, saddle fitter, and certified equine nutritionist. She is a founding member of Force-Free Tennessee, an animal advocacy organization that promotes humane, low-stress training and handling of all animals. Dale's No. 1 goal is to create joyful experiences for horses and the people who love and care for them. She uses compassionate, reinforcement-based training methods that reduce stress and benefit the horse both emotionally and physically, and specializes in restoring health and wellness to horses with mild to severe physical, emotional, and behavioral issues. Dale offers instruction and consultations in person and online. She accepts horses for training and rehab at her farm, Lyric Valley Ranch in Santa Fe, Tenn., which is also the home of Pure Joy Horse Haven, a sanctuary for traumatized and abused horses (


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