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100 MilesThis week’s video runs about seven minutes, which is longer than our usual featured videos. But if you think that’s a test of endurance, try riding—or running!—the Vermont 100-mile endurance ride. That’s what the woman behind the helmet cam did when she recorded this highlights reel.

The ride is held concurrently with the Vermont 100 endurance run, a footrace that tests the mettle of even the most dedicated runners. From this helmet cam video, we see the cheerful moments trotting through town, being cheered on by spectators. We watch the camaraderie as runners and riders work their way up the hills. Then there are the quiet, solitary stretches through rain and mud, and the final trek through the darkness toward the finish. If this doesn’t make you want to exit the arena and go for a ride, you’d better check your pulse.


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  1. WOW, JUST WOW, Thank you so much for taking me alone on that truly amazing ride, I have tears in my eyes for you, super job.

  2. So glad to see my video on a general horse site!! Hope everyone gets out to enjoy some great trail in their area. If you are interested in distance riding, check out great sites like AERC.org or search for us on facebook for information on how to get started!

  3. Thanks for taking us along. One question however, is trotting on the hard road like that necessary? That’s so bad for the joints and hooves!

  4. In the first couple of minutes, this disregard for the stop sign made me mad! And all that trotting on the road and hard surfaces, can’t be healthy for their joints!


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