Featured Video: 3-Day Old Mini Enjoys Game of Chase


The first horse I ever rode, Geronimo, loved to play chase when he was a baby… and a couple times when he was older. The 3-day-old mini in this video is no different. He chases around his owner, Sterling Bartow, while his mother, Grace, looks on. Grace seems to get concerned that her baby is running so much and eventually goes to him. The Mini foal is clearly enjoying himself, though, and even wags his tail in delight. Too cute!

Have your horses ever engaged in a game of follow-the-leader?

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  1. How cute is this baby, and I agree with it’s momma, he might have been running a wee bit to much for a 3 day old. But he did seem to be having a great time!

  2. Have to agree with his mother Grace, I think it’s to much forced running at three days old! Even if it was less than 2 minutes!


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