Video of the Week: A Horse and a Goat


We’ve already seen that a horse and a goat can make an entertaining pair, but believe it or not, an equine/caprine friendship can be inspiring, too. When Charlie the horse, a 40-year-old rescue case, went blind in both eyes, his owner thought the humane thing to do would be to put him down. That’s when Jack, the old billy goat, stepped in. Jack paired up with Charlie, leading him through the wooded pastures, to the best grazing spots and back again, and even rescuing him once when he became trapped by fallen trees.

This segment from the acclaimed PBS program Nature showcases the unusual, but touching friendship between these two aging animals in the twilight of their lives. Yeah, you’ll probably want the tissues handy for this one.


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  1. You broke my heart with this one, so very touching. I understand totally, our old Mare is losing her eyesight and her pal takes care of her too. We just don’t give them enough credit. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. That was so wonder ful I couldn’t believe it I hope god make hem feel better. That was so …… Gratefu and the horse died having a long loved friend. Ha I am still crying just writing this I will show my mom thanks for posting it….it has wormed my hart today

  3. Compassion – Yes, animals can teach us SO much! Thank you for sharing this beautiful story of compassionate friendship. As humans we have the opportunity to learn from our four-legged friends – if only we will allow ourselves to realize the vast wealth of goodness here and take heart.

  4. Such a touching story….just shows us once more that animals do have real feelings and can empathize with each other no matter what species they belong to.

  5. Sweet, sad and so touching. Goats are wonderful animals. They are very intelligent and make great pets. It doesn’t surprise me that Jack the goat was a loyal friend for 16 years, nor that Jack fell into rapid decline after Charlie was gone. His “job” is finished now, and he is probably anxious to meet up with Charlie on the other side of the bridge. Thank you for sharing such a heartwarming story.

  6. This Video was sad but I no this to be true. God always gives animals a gift so that they can live longer and be at peace. Thank you so much for showing this video. It was great.

  7. I would love to be in touch with these people. They are wonderful for sharing this and loving their animals like they do. I love them. Thank you good people. I keep you now in my prayers that Jesus will bless you immensely for your love and compassion, and my tears right now are for Charlie and Jack and those animals who don’t have love like they do. Thank you. Jesus loves you and SO do I.


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